Thank you for your interest in the Computer Arts + Design program at Mercy College. Applicants to the program must pass a portfolio review before taking classes in the major. The portfolio must include at least twenty examples of art or design work. Please note that we no longer require applicants to submit an essay for admission to the program, howver, applicants must now submit an essay to Admissions as part of their undergraduate application. For more information from Mercy's Office of Admissions, click here.

The Portfolio

Your portfolio should show your potential for developing your work in the visual arts. Submit a range of work that highlights both your discipline and creativity. Submit at least 20 work samples, with a minimum of 10 examples that demonstrate your ability to draw or paint from direct observation. We want to see that you can render forms accurately and create interesting and unique compositions. Any digital work you submit should incorporate your design, drawing and/or painting skills. If you have completed work in animation and 3D modeling you can submit that work as well, but only submit your best work.

All applicants must:

  1. Submit an application for admission to Mercy College through an Admissions Counselor at any Mercy campus or online. You can arrange an interview with an Admissions Counselor by calling 1 877 MERCY GO.
  2. Apply directly to the Computer Arts + Design program by submitting a portfolio of work. Work will be reviewed by the Portfolio Review Committee. Carefully review the application guidelines before submitting your portfolio and essay.

    Transfer applicants with course work in art and design completed at another insitution should contact to the Program Head for additional information on receiving transfer credit for that course work.

To submit your portfolio online

  1. Upload your portfolio at See "Required Formats for Portfolio Work" below for file format requirements. We will contact you, either via email or phone, to confirm receipt of your work.

To submit your portfolio in person

  1. Set up an interview with Josh Gaetjen, Program Head, by calling 914 674 3015, or emailing jgaetjen (at) mercy (dot) edu.
  2. Bring your portfolio with you. If you're biring digital copies of your work, see "required formats for portfolio work" below.

Required formats for Portfolio work:

    • Digital, two-dimensional and three-dimensional work: may be submitted in person or uploaded at (zip all files before upload, 2GB limit). Windows or Macintosh formatted, examples should be in JPEG format.
    • Videos / Animations: must be in Quicktime format.
    • All files must be named and numbered LastnameFirstname01.jpeg, LastnameFirstname02.jpg, LastnameFirstname03.jpg, etc.
    • Presentation formats (PowerPoint, Keynote) are not accepted.

Although Mercy College has rolling admissions we recommend that fall applicants to the Compter Arts + Design program submit their portfolios in March or April or, if after that time, as soon as you apply for admission to the College. Applicants for the spring semester should submit their portfolios in December or, if applying after that time, as soon as you apply for admission.

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